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Our Mission

    OUR MISSION..... 

is to prepare your child for a world of possibilities. We do this by developing their talents through the teaching of gymnastics, cheerleading and other experimential activities, in a safe & nurturing environment, which is fun and challenging.

At Premier, we believe that there are no other activities like gymnastics, cheerleading and tumbling. Through there great variety of fundamental movements, these activities develop the physical attributes of coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and fitness. On the other hand, they provide excellent opportunities to help children and teenagers develop the confidence and strength of character to cope with today's challenging times. Premier strives to prepare each new generation to meet the demands of modern-day life by developing the necessary tools of commitment, pride, confidence, discipline, and responsibility. Premier teaches its students to follow directions, set serious goals, and effectively work within a group setting, thus helping prepare children for their important future role in the community. Premier takes all possible steps to provide the safest, cleanest, and most positive physical learning environment for its children.

Premier provides trained, dedicated and experienced coaches, specializing in all different gymnastics and cheerleading levels, from toddlers to teens, and from beginners to elite gymnasts, cheerleaders and dancers. Premier offers a low student to teacher ratio to insure safety, better determine the ability level of children, prepare individual programs, and set personal goals. At Premier, children progress at their own optimal pace, simply so that they may enjoy all the physical benefits innate to the sport, or maybe even to take the GOLD road and win the status of an accomplished gymnast or cheerleader. No matter the choice, Premier develops great athletes who become great people and thus makes true the motto: "Premier Gym and Cheer, where every child is a champion."

A Parent's Guide

One of the most challenging tasks facing parents today is making sound decisions regarding their children. The number of alternatives is potentially staggering, the desire to have children involved in many activities is often very great and the pressure to raise well-rounded, healthy children is tremendous. In choosing activities for their children, parents must consider a large number of factors. Is the activity beneficial for my child? Is my child interested in, and enthusiastic about, the activity? Does the activity have value for the parent? Is the cost of the activity reasonable under current circumstances?

Parents are continually searching for quality activities where their children are happy and successful. A quality school is a product of warm, caring human relationships and promotes constructive attitudes toward individuals and society. Quality can always be improved upon and a quality organization is one that is alert for ways to improve what it does and how it does it. A quality school is one in which everyone in the organization, working both separately and together, seeks a common goal. Quality always feels good, and the greater the quality, the longer the good feeling lasts.

Gymnastics is, without a doubt, one of the most beneficial physical activities children experience. When the gymnastics program is structured and presented correctly, children realize benefits, in the areas of physical fitness, self-esteem and life skills, that serve them for a lifetime.