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•             SAFETY FIRST! Rule #1 in the gym is that no one is allowed to get hurt. That means no one is allowed to do anything that might get themselves or anyone else hurt.
•             Safety rules must be followed not only by gymnasts, but also by the parents and siblings.
•             All parents/guardians with a child in any gym program must sign a Waiver/Release Form.
•             NO STREET SHOES in the gym please remove your shoes before entering the gym.

•             Drivers in the parking lot need to stay alert for traffic, cars backing out, and departing and arriving gymnasts.
•             Be sure your son or daughter is actually in the gym prior to your leaving after dropping them off at the gym.
•             Children are not allowed outside the gym unless they are directly supervised by an adult.
•             Gymnasts need to wear appropriate gymnastics attire – e.g., leotards or shorts and T-shirt for girls and shorts and T-shirt for boys. Belt buckles and any other metal clothing accessories may not
•             Jewelry is not allowed during class. Jewelry of any kind including but not limited to ear, nose, tongue, belly button and facial rings, clear plastic jewelry, bracelets, necklaces and pins on uniforms are prohibited. This applies especially to rings which may scratch the bars and cause severe pinches. Exceptions: medical ID tags/bracelets, and rhinestones on leotards.
•             No valuable items should be brought to the gym. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.
•             Make certain that you wear any equipment that is advised by the coach, e.g., hand or dowel grips. Advise the coach of any poorly-fitted or defective equipment.
•             Gymnasts should have their hair tied back away from their face. Nails should be trimmed to prevent the possibility of injury.
•             No student is allowed in the gym areas or on any equipment without a gymnastics instructor present.
•             Please be on time. The warm-ups are important to your child’s safety. Warm-up prior to all strenuous gymnastics participation is required.
•             No Horseplay.
•             No running on the concrete, especially in socks.
•             No smoking anywhere in the gym or near the building.
•             Children must be kept under control in the waiting area at all times.No standing or climbing on chairs, benches or any other furniture.
•             No glass or glass bottles anywhere in the gym.
•             No chewing gum, food or drinks in the gymnastics area.
•             Children must follow the instructions of the instructor for their own safety. Proper gym and social behavior is expected of all students. Failure to act in an appropriate and safe manner may result in your removal from class.
•             No running anywhere in the facility unless directed by your instructor.
•             Whenever moving through the gym, stay alert and look out for other gymnasts.
•             Be alert for any physical hazards in the gym area, especially the bar cables.
•             Before crossing any dismount mat, tumbling strip, the floor exercise mat or any other apparatus mat, look all around for other gymnasts. Don’t cross until the way is clear. Always yield to gymnasts in the middle of doing skills.
•             Students may not leave their class without permission from their instructor. This includes trips to the bathroom, water fountain or waiting area.
•             Advise the coach if you are ill or have any symptoms of illness.
•             Immediately wash your hands and other skin surfaces if you come in contact with blood or other bodily fluids.
•             No jumping off any of the trampoline apparatus onto the floor. Walk or climb off the equipment carefully.
•             Check for proper matting before using any equipment. Check equipment, matting, and apparatus before use.
•             Never dismount off apparatus onto anything but landing mats or crash pads.
•             Crash pads, landing mats and pits increase safety, but will not totally protect anyone from injury. Use common sense and proper learning progressions.
•             Never dive head first or land on your head or neck in the pit or on crash pads or landing mats. No pit or mat can totally prevent serious injury to your head or neck, so avoid landing on them.
•             Children on medication which may affect their coordination skills should not be allowed to attend classes. The higher the skill level the more dangerous this is to your child. Please advise the coach if your child is on medication.
•             Report any injury, unusual pain or discomfort felt during participation to your coach or instructor immediately.
•             No one other than currently registered and enrolled gymnasts are allowed in the gymnastics area or on the equipment for any reason.
•             Spotting is to be done by coaches only. No student or parent spotting of gymnasts.

•             Gymnasts are not allowed to leave the building for any reason except with a parent or approved guardian.
•             Gymnasts are expected to stay with their class and instructor throughout the class period.
•             No one is allowed to interfere with the progress of another gymnast or class.
•             Gymnasts are expected to be respectful, polite and show good manners at all times in the gym.
•             No fighting of any kind.
•             Foam is to stay in the pit unless directed otherwise by an instructor.
•             The foam is not to be torn into small pieces as this creates dust which can get in the eyes.
•             No destruction or vandalism of equipment will be tolerated. Gymnasts and parents are liable for any damage caused.
•             All trash goes immediately into trash cans.
•             Shoes and clothing are to be left in the designated areas, not spread all over the gym. The gym can accept no responsibility for lost articles.
•             Parents should not coach from the sidelines. Your child will be safer and learn more from the instructor and get more out of class if you do not interfere. If you have questions, ask the coach after class, or schedule a meeting time. Should there be a problem with a particular instructor or a problem with anything to do with your child and the gym, please do not hesitate to discuss the same with management.
•             Students must remain inside the gym until their parents arrive. Please be on time for the start and end of your class.
•             Gymnasts are expected to be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of their scheduled class. Repeated lateness without instructor or gym notification and agreement will result in extra charges.
•             Parents must make their children aware of the possibility of injury and the rules of the gym and insist that gymnasts follow the safety rules and coaches instruction.

Trampoline Rules

  • No student is permitted on the trampoline or in the pit without a gymnastics instructor present.
  • Never go under the trampoline when someone else is jumping.
  • Bounce using bare feet or special gym shoes (beam shoes) because socks can lead to slips.
  • No horseplay. Recklessness and horseplay is not allowed.
  • Only one person on the tramp at a time.
  • Never land head first on the trampoline or enter the pit head first as it may cause serious injuries
  • Keep balls and other toys off the trampolines.
  • Make sure you have no objects in your pockets while in the gym.
  • Consistently land all your bounces and skills in the center of the trampoline.
  • Do not stand on the trampoline frame or pads while waiting for a turn to bounce.
  • No bouncing or jumping off tramp onto the floor or mat.
  • Before jumping into the pit, make sure no one else is entering the pit from other sides.
  • No one is to attempt somersaults, back handsprings or other difficult skills without specific instructor permission.

Gymnastics Pit Safety Rules
1.            Do not dive headfirst into the pit.
2.            Avoid landing on your knees, head or in a front drop position, especially in an arched position. Safely land on your feet, seat or back.
3.            Follow proper skill progression. Do not attempt skills if you can not land safely.
4.            Always check the pit before entering. Do not enter pit if other people are in the way.
5.            Always climb out of the way immediately, when other people are ready to enter the pit.
6.            Do not bury yourself in the pit. Others may jump on you without knowing.
7.            Do not dig holes in the pit.
8.            Re-fluff the pit regularly and whenever holes occur or the foam is packed down.
9.            Make sure the pit is fluffed before attempting skills.
10.          The foam is to stay in the pit at all times.
11.          No throwing foam.